Monday, December 7, 2015

How to $ave this Christmas

We've come up with a few ideas of Christmas-tivities that are on the cheap or free to save us some $$ this season. Our student loans are thanking us :)

1. Snow shoeing or hiking
     Cost: Free (or cheap if renting snow shoes, ~$7 where we live)

2. Swimming/playing at our local recreation center.
     Cost: at our local center, $5 entry/day or $15 a month
We tossed out our big gym passes and swapped for passes at our local recreation cente (about $15 a month for our family with my work discount). This has been a game changer for us! Not only can we workout, but also have access to fun indoor water slides, playground, rock climbing, raquetball, ping pong, pool tables, etc etc. This has been the biggest winter win of the season!

3. Making a ginger bread house:
     Cost: >$10. Buy graham crackers ($3), buy candy, make frosting, and slap yourself together a little ginger bread home :)

4. Christmas caroling
    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! And its FREE!

5. Checking out local Christmas lights.
     Cost: Free

6. Ugly Christmas light hunt
     Cost: Free. We drive around neighborhoods in search of the gaudiest lights we can find. Turn up the Christmas music on the radio and giggle. I'd post pics of our favorite ugliest ones but it just felt too mean to not have their consent.

7. Watch Christmas movies.

8. Bake Christmas cookies. Combine with #7 for a Christmas-y good time!
9. Ice skating
     Cost: $8 to skate and rent skis at our local place. A bit of a splurge, but a good time.

10. Ice running. Not for the faint of heart. We go on a run across a lake near our house when the temperatures haven't risen above freezing for several days. Scary, free, and thrilling. Baby stays home on this one.

What inexpensive winter activities have you discovered?? I'd love some new ideas!

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