Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Debt Update

Undergrad loans:$0
Summer Loan 1: $2411 (5.5% interest, none accruing until March)
Law School Loan 1:$10,670 (6.8%)
Law School Loan 2: $12,661.72 (6.21%)
Law School Loan 3: $13, 808.26 (5.41%)
Car loan: $2800 (I know all of you Dave Ramsey people may be bugged by this under his "debt snowball theory" but I CANNOT bring myself to pay off a loan that only has a 3.9% interest rate before my loans that are double that. Please don't stone me.

It definitely feels good to see these numbers going down. For my summer loan 1 listed above, I had to call/email a million people to track down the entity who my loan has been passed onto. I think the way student loans are handled is SO messed up. I should, at the very least, get notice of who I am responsible to for payments. I really felt like they didn't want to be found. Interest on that loan doesn't start accruing until March, so I want to pay it off before then. Luckily I found it! Shouldn't have been that hard. Just saying.

Happy Holidays! I hope you have less debt than us! :) :) :)


  1. So is your summer loan from the Wooley Fund? Because I've heard absolutely nothing about that and I'm starting to get worried... But loving this blog! We can stone Dave Ramsey together. ;)

    1. YES! If you want info about it you have to login to then click byu long term loan balance then click on whatever financial entity is there and then you have to contact them to get your login infomation etc of how you pay it off. Kind of a pain, but there ya go! Miss your face!