Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mystery Shopping

One thing I've been doing a bit on the side is mystery shopping. AKA getting paid to shop. Ba da da da da I'm lovin it!

Literally, there are businesses that will pay you (and pay for the cost of your purchase) to do things like get your oil changed, try out a restaurant, etc.

It typically requires you to fill out some kind of survey sometimes before and always after your experience. Also requires you to keep receipts, among other things which are detailed out for you when you choose the shopping experience that you desire. <3

I've only used Best Mark (www.bestmark.com - do me a solid when you sign up and tell them I referred you! pleease) I've always been paid really quick (within a few days) and it has required me to exert almost no extra effort into my daily life. I only take "shops" that I would already need/want. For example, when I need an oil change or a tire rotation, I log in and look for those shops in my area, go get them, and get paid for it. Best. thing. ever.

Three cheers for mystery shopping! Have you tried it? What companies have you liked working for??

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