Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Payments In

How I'm feeling three payments in:

I still feel really excited about what we are accomplishing BUT... its kind of hard looking around at where our friends are at-- especially friends that have been in school with us. A lot of them have chosen different payment plans that allow them to make low monthly payments on their student loans so their lifestyles are significantly more lavish than ours. Sometimes I wonder if we chose the right thing but I just have to remember in a few years we will be debt free and sitting pretty!

Aannnd I have to remind myself to just focus on what we are doing-- it doesn't matter what other people are doing! Silly me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

First payment!

Last week was my birthday. My Grandma and parents were very generous and gave me $1050. There were so many fun things I wanted to buy-- a baby carrier, a nice gps/running/fitness watch, new clothes.. a plane ticket to Hawaii, etc etc. So you can imagine my sorrow when I deposited the money into my bank account to be applied to my student loans.

Feels good to have half of my undergrad loan paid off now though!