Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Payments In

How I'm feeling three payments in:

I still feel really excited about what we are accomplishing BUT... its kind of hard looking around at where our friends are at-- especially friends that have been in school with us. A lot of them have chosen different payment plans that allow them to make low monthly payments on their student loans so their lifestyles are significantly more lavish than ours. Sometimes I wonder if we chose the right thing but I just have to remember in a few years we will be debt free and sitting pretty!

Aannnd I have to remind myself to just focus on what we are doing-- it doesn't matter what other people are doing! Silly me.


  1. We are living in a tiny 1br apt (with our little climber baby) for free (because we manage the apartment complex) so we can save for a down payment faster, and we often feel the same way when we see so many people with their big houses! There are lots of good reasons for us to be in California right now (and for us to wait until we have a full 20% down payment before we buy a house), but it can still feel a little crazy. In those times, it's good to know that you've intentionally made the choices you have and you know why you're doing things the way you are. Even if it's really hard in the moment, it will be awesome later. Basically we're both living the marshmallow experiment haha.

  2. THANK you for sharing Brooke! SO true. it is good to know that these are intentional choices and some day it really will pay off! good luck saving for your down payment!