Friday, October 30, 2015

October Debt Update

Made a $1900 payment today on one of my law school loans. My total debt looks like this now:

1. Law school mini loan: $3500 (interest 5.5%, none accruing until March)
2. Car Loan: $5500 (interest 3.3%)
2. Law school loan 1: $12,500 (interest 6.7%)
3. Law school loan 2:$12,500 (interest 6.1%)
4. Law school loan 3: $13,000  (interest 5%)
5. Undergraduate student loan: $0

Amber's total debt = $45,000

Slowly but surely we are digging our way out of this mess.

Still haven't decided how we will attack Danny's debt when he graduates but will cross that bridge when we get there. The debate always goes back between taking advantage of IRB/PAYE versus just knocking the dang thing out. What are your thoughts? IRB or no?

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